Aeneas Mountain

Aeneas Mt: 5,167' Built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the USFS transferred its share of the site to DNR in 1954. The new tower was erected in 1980.

The longest in-service fire lookout in Washington State, Aeneas Lookout served a continuous 104 seasons! Located about 15 miles west of Tonasket, WA, this Fire Lookout has two access routes. The less controversial route up the northwest side is very straightforward and scenic. The road is about 5.5 miles up the summit's north side, with an easy .5-mile walk along the ridge line on game trails to the top.

Originally established in 1914, like most lookouts in the NW the site was also used as an Aircraft Warning Service station in 1942. The current structure was built in 1980 and was the last fire lookout staffed by the DNR until 2020. Find stunning panoramic views of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area and more!

Directions: From Loomis, follow the Sinlakehin road approximately 3 miles south, just past Fire Camp Road and look for a corral on the left. Continue on the dirt road approximately 1.5 miles to a gate with a large parking area. From there, follow the road by foot up the northwest side of Aeneas.

Information & Photos Courtesy: Christine Estrada