Iron Root Orchards

Selling Organic Heirlooms Nursery Trees and Scion Wood for Hard Cider and Brandy and Fresh Eating.  Sells to commercial growers as well as to backyard cider makers and orcdhardists.  Sereral years ago, we began to preserve and propagate over 200 heirloom apple varieties.  In the section of our orcahrd which our family unofficially calls "Iron Root Orchards", we grow and preserve heirloom genetics which have had to withstand years of heart, cold and transplanting.  Their tenacity to continue to live is likened to iron!  Our trees are organically certified by the state of Washingotn and are also certified for shipment out of state.  Prices are as follows:  1 tree of any variety:  $35; 2 - 100 trees: $16 each; 101 to 500 trees: $14 each; 501 - 1,000 trees: $12 each; 1,000 to 3,000 trees: $11 each; 3,001 & above $9 each.  Scion wood price is $5/12 inch stick.  Taking orders for 3rd year nursery trees and/or scion wood for spring and beyond.  


Phone: (509) 826-1672
Phone: (509) 846-3131

Address: 11 Home Place Lane, Omak, WA 98841

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