Pipestone Canyon

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A number of variations make this a great early season choice for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding with the main attractions being abundant views, wildflowers, and snow-free ambling. If you take the rim trail expect a vigorous (9 mile round trip) up and down hike with some occasional rocky footing and approximately 700’ of elevation gain. The valley trail (4 miles out and back) follows a well-established, low angle road bed with less than 170’ of elevation gain. In either case, bring a daypack with a hat, sunblock, water, appropriate footwear and, if later in the season, be alert for snakes. Hike out and back along the distinct path at the base of the cliffs or follow one of the established paths leading uphill and along the ridge before facing the option of either descending to the valley trail or returning the way you came.