Tiffany Mountain

At 8242’ elevation with a gain of 1740’ Tiffany is one of the highest summits in the Cascades to which one can easily hike. The drive is sometimes arduous but the mountain’s location near the geographic center of Okanogan County provides an unmatched perspective on this region’s broad diversity of flora, fauna, and topography. Begin on trail #345 heading up Freezeout Ridge through heavily forested terrain for approximately 1.5 miles to a point where the trees give way to lush meadowlands filled with wildflowers, grasses and wind-stunted trees. At 2.5 miles turn left and follow a light tread for 0.5 miles to reach the rocky and frequently breezy summit. The panorama, however, is a stunning one. To the north look for the snow-capped peaks of British Columbia hovering over the more rounded summits of the Pasayten Wilderness. To the west the North Cascades form a sawtooth silhouette along the horizon while to the east the forested curve of the Okanogan Highlands gives way to the sprawling Columbia Plateau.  

The easiest approach is to drive 6.5 miles north out of Winthrop on the East Chewuch Road where you will then bear right on FS Road 37 for 7.5 miles to where the pavement ends. Bear right again and after another 6 miles turn left at the road junction onto FS Road 39. 3.2 miles of rough road will take you to Freezeout Pass (note the cattle guard) where you will find limited parking and the trailhead on your right.