Cascade Loop

National Geographic Traveler describes the Cascade Loop as "one of America's grandest, most spectacular drives." Circling the heart of Washington through thick forests and open desert, this 400-mile byway includes a little bit of everything. From downhill skiing in the Cascade Mountains to county fairs in the Columbia River Valley, it's one of the best ways to get a Cliff Note version to Washington. 
Opportunities for outdoor recreation along the way are nearly endless. From biking and hot air balloon rides, to whale watching and shopping, you can create your own itinerary from the long list of possibilities. If wine, cuisine and shopping are more your pleasure, you will find many tantalizing choices.
Nine separate regions of the state make up this massive byway, each with its unique flavor and personality. Sample each area one at a time, or combine them all for an unforgettable Washington experience.

Route: SR 20,153,97,2,526,525
Length: 400 miles
Drive Time: 8h 30min plus 20 min ferry ride Road
Considerations: Check WS DOT for mountain pass info