Highway 173 Bridge to the Mouth of the Okanogan River

When the summer run salmon and sockeye seasons open on July 1st this is where you will find hundreds of anglers.  The warm water of the Okanogan River discourages the returning salmon from entering the river, and they remain, in increasing numbers in the Brewster Pool.  This unusual situation creates one of the most productive fishing areas on the entire Columbia River.  Thousands of king salmon and sockeye mill around here and fishing can be excellent.  There is a very popular fishing derby every on year the first weekend in August.  It has the best catch rate of any salmon fishing derby in the state.  You can learn about it by logging onto www.brewstersalmonderby.com.  Most anglers will use Super Bait lures, stuffed with tuna fish and pulled behind a Pro Troll flasher, on downriggers, to get their salmon.  Some will venture up the Okanogan River to the bridge to troll for kings and sockeye, too.  Fishing can often be good here from the opening day on through mid October.  Salmon fishing is expected to get even better due to releases of summer run salmon from the Colville Tribal Fish Hatchery at Bridgeport.