Homestream Park

Years after emerging from its cobbled nest, a salmon returns to that same spot. Hundreds of river miles, thousands in the ocean, 9 dams, out and back, and all the perils in between. Paired now with another, preparing their own nest, a redd, to spawn the next generation. Back, in their home stream.
Homestream Park is dedicated to the rivers and fish of the Methow Valley. A place to pause, to reflect, to observe. And mostly to consider our role and responsibility in protecting the wild of these rivers forever.
Located on 2 acres of riverfront just downstream from the town of Winthrop, WA, the park will include an interpretive trail, sculptures, and a public gathering area with covered shelters, picnic tables, and a kid's play fort. The land will be restored to its natural riparian and floodplain condition.
Homestream Park will celebrate its grand opening on Sunday, October 13, just in time to welcome home the season's returning salmon. Check back for updates and progress.