Pateros Museum at City Hall

The Pateros Museum at City Hall was converted from an old Fire Hall in 2009. It features educational outlooks on the city and it's history and includes a fire exhibit honoring the resiliance of the town after the devestation faced in the 2014 Carlton Complex Fires. 

On July 17th, 2014 four separate wildfires converged into one, erupting into a firestorm that devastated the City of Pateros and surrounding towns. Despite valiant efforts from the already overwhelmed Pateros fire department and crews, the Carlton Complex burned 312 homes in total and nearly consumed the city. That year the Historical Society began working on a fire exhibit to preserve the memory of what happened and educate people on wildfires and fire behavior. The exhibit features a map of the fire, information on wildfire behavior, and a display on the history of the city of Pateros. 


Phone: (509) 923-2571

Address: 113 Lakeshore Dr, Pateros , WA 98846