Sixknot Cider Taphouse

“Tree to Tap”

Sixknot is an “artisanal” cider, which means our cidermaking is slow and limited to small batches compared to our larger cidermaking brethren. We take months to ferment a batch, while high production systems make cider in days. The retail grocer shelf is a difficult commercial environment for the artisanal producer given industrial competition, and we realized a few years ago that if we were going to be farm to table, we needed to own the farm and the table. In our case it is “tree to tap”, and that is how the Sixknot Taphouse came to be. 

Delivering, and enjoying, our cider by keg has a number of advantages. A keg is not thrown away after a single use, but can be reused again and again for years. But the primary advantage is taste - our kegs have never been pasteurized, whether by heat or with additives, and we prefer Sixknot served this way – alive, robust, and straight from the farm. 

Because we wanted to serve our ciders on tap, we began looking at everything else that could be served on tap as well. Craft beer was a given, but we also found local vintners who would sell us excellent wine by the barrel, and even local coffee roasters who wanted to have their beans transformed into “nitro coffee” and poured like a Guinness. We added kombucha, made our own root beer, and by the time we were done we counted 42 taps. 

Since most of what we have on tap pairs well with food, we sought out other like minded people in our valley to develop a menu that reads like a who’s who of local farmers and producers. 

And let’s not forget the Sixknot Stage – music, dance and poetry are part of the cidermaking tradition. At least they are at the Sixknot Taphouse. Please join us. 

Our hours change throughout the year - please check our Facebook page (Sixknot Cider) or call us at 509 996-3862 for our current schedule.


Phone: (509) 996-3862

Address: 231 Riverside Avenue , Winthrop, WA 98862

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