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Backyard Wildlife Phone Photography Tips + Cute Animals

Wildlife Viewing In Okanogan County 
Photo by Tom Reichner

We know you're all cooped up in your houses right now without much more to look at besides your own four walls and backyard— so we thought this week, instead of a hike, we would share some lovely woodland creatures to hopefully brighten your day, as well a couple tips for getting great photos of your own backyard wildlife.


— The OCTC Team

Photos by Tom Reichner

Wildlife Viewing and Photography in Okanogan County
Animals in Okanogan COuntry

Want to take some great backyard wildlife photos with your phone while practicing social distancing?

Here are a couple easy tips to help make the most of your quarantine.

Use Filters!

While you shouldn’t be relying on editing software to make your photos look great, throwing a filter over the photos you take can be a fun way to boost contrast, saturation, and can help make your instagram feed look more professional and cohesive. Here are a couple photo editing apps you can download from your app store.

  • VSCO
  • Snapseed
  • Lightroom Mobile

Pay Attention to Composition!

One of the most important things to focus on when taking photos is the composition. The easiest way to ensure your photo is well composed is to observe the “Rule of Thirds”. Click here for more information on the Rule of Thirds.

Other things to avoid with your photos composition:

  • Crooked horizon lines
  • Having too many focal points / things to focus on
  • 'Lazy composition' — try to think of all the possible angles you could shoot your subject!
  • And lastly, be sure to clean your lens!
    The last thing you want is for things to be out of focus or blurry because your lens is dirty. If you notice a weird 'glow' or 'haze' over your photo— chances are you just need to wipe your lens clean!

Have fun!

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