Beat the Heat in Okanogan Country!

Beat the Heat in Okanogan Country

It's going to be a hot summer so we put together a list of popular swimming holes and pools in Okanogan Country. Remember to stay safe when swimming in rivers or lakes and wear a lifejacket. A life jacket is one of the most effective pieces of safety gear in a boat. Pro-tip: It only works if you wear it.

  • According to the U.S. Coast Guard, most boating related drownings happen on nice days. 
  • Studies show that if you wear a life jacket, you’re more likely to survive if something goes wrong. 
  • Anyone can drown regardless of age and swimming capabilities. Especially in cold water, which many of Washington’s waterways are cold year-round. 

More info on life jackets can be found here. 

Steamboat Rock State Park 

Steamboat Rock State Park is a 3,522-acre camping park with 50,000 feet of freshwater shoreline at the north end of Banks Lake. Dominating the landscape is basaltic rock with a surface area of 600 acres. 2 campground areas and a large day-use area are on sweeping green lawns, protected from winds by tall dramatic poplars. The surrounding areas are carpeted with wildflowers, adding to the gray-green brush of the Scablands. A sandy swimming area and boat launches make the area a favorite for visitors who enjoy water-play and want respite from the hot, summer sun.

Alta Lake State Park 

A 181 acre camping park where the mountainous pine forests meet the desert. Alta Lake is about 2 miles long and offers good trout fishing during summer months. State park, public access, fishing, swimming, boating, water recreation. 

Conconully State Park

Conconully State Park is an 81-acre camping park with 5,400 feet of freshwater shoreline in north central Washington. Established as the oldest Bureau of Reclamation irrigation project in this part of the country, the park dates back to 1910. State Parks assumed administration in 1945. Boat ramps, fishing, horseshoe pits, mountain biking, wildlife viewing.