Cassimer bay Wildlife Area

Cassimer Bar is filled with wildlife. Search the wetlands for beaver, amphibians and double-crested cormorants. Scan the shoreline for spotted sandpipers. Look overhead for turkey, vultures, ospreys, caspian terns, willow flycatchers and black-headed grosbeaks, the list goes on and on.

Photo by Justin Wettstein


This remarkable 514-acre natural area includes the Okanogan and Columbia rivers confluence and adjacent wetlands.


This are includes ponds, wetlands, riparian habitat, and annual grain-food plots, offering opportunities to view a wide variety of songbirds, summer and winter migrants and year-round wildlife


Cassimer Bar Wildlife area, managed by Douglas County PUD, is located east of Brewster on the south side of the Columbia River. The area can be accessed from Highway 97. WDFW's Wells Wildlife Area is also right nearby.


Viewpoints along the shoreline afford opportunities to view a diversity of wintering waterfowl, bald eagles, ospreys, American white pelicans, common loons, river otters and beavers.

Birdwatching In Okanogan CountryPhoto by Cascade Loop