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Wildlife Viewing In Okanogan CountyPhoto By Justin Haug

Hey everyone! 

 Springtime is in full swing in Okanogan Country, and while we know you can't visit just yet, we figured we would share some more of our favorite wildlife, and springtime images from the area with you in the mean time. Send your photos to and maybe you'll see a couple in the next wildlife feature email we do! 

Hang in there, and keep on social distancing!
We can't wait to host your future Okanogan Country Adventures! 

 — The OCTC Team

Wildlife Viewing and Photography in Okanogan County
Animals in Okanogan COuntry


We would love to have you in Okanogan County, but currently with the state of the world we really need you to stay home and bunker down.

"As of 8:00am on April 14th, continuing until further notice, all Hospitality Lodging and overnight rentals (OTA's) are closed. This is necessary to control and prevent the spread of a dangerous, contagious disease within the jurisdiction of Okanogan County Health Office, to maintain health over the territory of this jurisdiction, and to promote public health."


  • Resorts, Hotels, Motels

  • Short-term Rentals

  • Timeshares

  • Overnight transient accommodations (bed and breakfast)

  • Campgrounds

  • RV parks

  • Private property being used as campgrounds

Please read the full notice HERE and continue to self isolate and keep your community, and ours, safe. Okanogan Country will still be here when this is all over and we look forward to hosting your adventures soon enough.

Thank you for your compliance and understanding in these unprecedented and difficult times.

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