Golden Doe Wildlife Area | Carlton, WA


Golden doe Wildlife Area

Carlton, WA | Methow River Valley

Golden Doe Methow Horseback riding
Photo by Katie Thomson


The Golden Doe Wildlife Area was acquired for both mule deer winter range and because of the biodiversity in its large riparian areas on the Methow River. This area is home to a wide variety of wildlife creating a great recreational area to hunt, fish, and view wildlife.


This remarkable 2,228-acre natural area includes large riparian areas on the Methow River dominated by bitterbrush and bunchgrasses. It is part of the larger 34,600-acre Methow Wildlife Area.


The Golden Doe Wildlife Area offers opportunities to view a variety of wildlife including mule deer, black bear, cougar, moose, and variety of birds.

Golden Doe Homestead

Historic Homestead of Golden Doe

Horseback Riding at historic wildlife area


The Golden Doe unit is located about 5 miles south of Twisp in Okanogan County. The unit can be accessed from a small road that crosses over Alder Creek off of Old Twisp-Carlton Highway.


Yakama Nation will be doing 2 Conservation projects this summer. Directional signage will be posted, primary parking area in the uplands will be closed June 15 until Aug 15.


The Golden Doe Wildlife Area lies within the Methow River watershed - made up of large riparian areas on the river creating great opportunities for viewing the unique wildlife.

Be sure to keep to keep alert for snakes while you or your dog are enjoying this area.


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Want to find out more about this Wildlife Area? Visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's webpage about Golden Doe!

WDFW golden doe map methow carlton
Golden Doe meadow blue sky
Photo by @FoxtailPottery

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