Hello Daylight Saving Time & Hello Spring!

Hello Daylight Saving Time

& Hello Spring!


Dear Okanogan Country Adventurer,

This weekend marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time! From now through June, we will be gaining 2 minutes of daylight each day on our journey towards the summer solstice. Plus, with those extra hours of sunlight comes our favorite warmer spring & summer weather in the northern hemisphere.

We're ready for it! Experience the best recreation our state has to offer - right here in the Okanogan Country. From hiking & biking, to fishing & boating, to horseback riding & wildlife viewing, you'll find your favorite activity in our great outdoors!

Happy Trails,

The Okanogan Country Team

Photo Credit: Justin Haug - WDFW

Hiking & Biking

We have easy trails that wind through quiet forests for the relaxed day trippers. For the more serious contenders, we have extensive routes for longer day hikes and backpacking excursions. North Central Washington is a hiking and biking paradise with wilderness paths that lead to soaring summits and wide vistas. The climate is perfect with low humidity, clear mountain air, and plenty of sunshine throughout the season. Explore more!

Fishing & Boating

Explore more than 200 high mountain lakes, 400 lowland lakes, 200 water & wildlife access areas, with more than 300,000 acres of publicly owned land. Grab the family, your poles, and the kayaks - let's get on the water!

Horseback Riding & Wildlife Viewing

Experience Okanogan Country in North Central Washington State in the age-old tradition used by trappers, settlers, and ranchers - on horseback! Live the West the way it used to be – through a working ranch vacation where you can ride the old trails, participate in a cattle drive, view the wildlife & spring wildflowers! Our equestrian trails provide a beautiful and scenic pathway to the backcountry. Find opportunities for gorgeous photos around every corner!