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Havillah, Wa

Best Places to Go Hiking in Eastern Washington Photo By James Moore

Bonaparte Mountain Havillah Wa


Mount Bonaparte lookout while founded in 1914 is still operational. Not only is Bonaparte Mtn the highest peak in the Okanogan Highlands but its 3537' of individual 'prominence' ranks 31st among all peaks in Washington. Given its towering status overlooking such a huge swath of fertile farmlands, narrow river valleys, rolling hills, and heavily grazed grasslands the summit provided an ideal location for a fire lookout (1914), the remnants of which are now on the national register of historic places. 


The trail initially skirts an old logged out area but shortly there after enters a deep forest with little or no underbrush and climbs more or less directly up the fall line. ATVs use the track so the path is easily followed though you can look for blazes and/or reflectors on the trees if hiking during snow season. Most hikers find the trail to be moderately steep in places with few switchbacks which makes for a direct route to the summit. Take the same route back.


Bring a camera, a sun hat and if time allows look for the junction with the trail to Bonaparte Lake (5700’) and the short spur trail to Lookout Spring. During most of the year water percolates out of this mossy crevice and provides a refreshingly unexpected water source. This is a snake free hike.

Hiking in Central Washington Photo By James Moore

Driving Directions

From Tonasket drive 16 miles on the Tonasket-Havillah Road (County Road#9467) to the tiny hamlet of Havillah where a right turn onto Forest Service road FR-33.After 4.3 miles turn onto FR 3300-300and drive for 2 miles to the lower (4500’)Bonaparte Mountain Trailhead. During much of the year it is possible to drive another 1.4miles to where a hard left at 5000’ will bring you a gate and a sign indicating the trail.

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