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Whistler Canyon Trail

Oroville, Wa

Best Places to Go Hiking in Eastern Washington Photo By James Moore

Whistler Canyon Trail - Oroville Wa


A scenic network of multi-use trails, Whistler Canyon provides an endless range of options for exploration, birding, rock climbing, horseback riding, photography and wildlife viewing.


Study the steeper rock faces for mountain goats or try to spot the bolts used by modern rock climbers. This hike is part of the Pacific Northwest Trail. Expect to see rattle snakes from April to October.

Hiking in Central Washington

Whistler Canyon Trail in Oroville - Hike of the Week


Depending on which paths you take, out-and-back routes can range anywhere from a moderate 3-mile hike to a challenging 24-mile calf-crusher with elevation gains of 3281. A trailhead map board will get you oriented but a Green Trails or USGS map will prove useful if you are planning on taking any of the longer cross-country routes. Please note that the trail is steep at first but quickly provides relief in the form of magical views of the Okanogan Valley, the distant Cascades and the eastern escarpment of the Pasayten Wilderness.

Driving Directions

Just 3 miles south of Oroville you’ll find a well-marked
parking area (look for the white gravel) on the east side of
US Route 97.

Parking Pass

None Required.

Photos by James Moore