Ice Fishing Fun!

Ice Fishing Fun! 

In Okanogan Country, we love bundling up and going ice fishing. Frozen lakes turn into a cool playground for us anglers. Armed with our fishing rods and hopeful hearts, we gather on the ice with friends and family. Drilling holes and staying warm, it's a simple and fun way to welcome the new year amidst the snowy scenery and loved ones. We have lots of fun ice fishing events coming as well as the infamous Conconully Outhouse Races and the  NW Ice Fishing Festivall in historic Molson at Sidley and Molson Lakes.

If your family enjoys fishing in different seasons, you likely have most of the gear you need. To start ice fishing, it's important to keep your reels away from the snow to prevent freezing. Essential items include an Ice Auger or chain saw, a bucket for sitting and carrying gear, and either a regular fishing rod or a specialized ice fishing rod.

You can find Ice Augers at local hardware stores, feed stores, or larger retail chains. Hand Ice Augers are affordable, lightweight, and make drilling holes quick. Before venturing onto the ice, ensure it's at least 4 inches thick for safety. A sharp auger can easily drill through 12 inches of ice or more.

When on the ice, people must exercise extreme caution to avoid slipping, falling, or breaking through thinner ice, especially near springs or flowing water. As an additional safety measure, individuals can carry "ice safety picks" – essentially a heavy string or small rope with ice pick-like attachments on each end around their neck. In the unfortunate event of falling through the ice, these picks can be used to pull oneself back onto the ice. Commercially available ice safety picks can be purchased for added peace of mind. The better prepared individuals are for their outing, the greater the chances of having an enjoyable experience and, as a bonus, catching some fish.

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