Ice Fishing and Festivals in Okanogan tips and tricks to a successful day out on the ice! 

Ice fishing okanogan

Have you made a journey to our incredible Okanogan country yet? Have you braved the crisp winter air for some freshwater fish?

If you’ve never been ice fishing - this is your year! 

Okanogan Country also hosts an Annual NW Ice Fishing Festival - which is this weekend! If you want to try your hand at winning a prize, head out to the lake in Molson tomorrow morning - the fish are biting!

PLUS, Bonaparte Lake Resort has announced their 1st Annual Ice Fishing Derby for Saturday, January 28th!

We have gathered together a “How-To” for those new to getting out on the ice, plus a list of our best ice fishing lakes. Let’s get fishing!

Lets get started! 

If your family likes to fish during the other seasons, you probably already have most of the gear needed to get started. Keeping your reels off the snow is important so they don’t freeze.  A few essential items needed include an Ice Auger or chain saw, bucket to sit on and to carry gear, regular fishing rod and/or special ice fishing rod.

Ice augers can be found at most local hardware stores, feed stores, and larger retail chains. Hand Ice Augers are reasonably priced, relatively lightweight, and make the task of drilling a hole a quick one. Make sure to double-check that the ice you’re venturing out on is at least 4 inches thick to ensure your safety, but a good quality, sharp auger will easily drill through 12 inches of ice or more!

Ice Fishing

Stay Warm and Bring a Hot Meal

Bring along plenty of snacks plus a thermos of hot beverages to keep you nice & toasty while you’re out on the ice. You may be surprised to see groups of families cooking chili & hot dogs or making hot chocolate on a portable stove while they wait for the next fish to bite. Some even bring an ice fishing tent! A standard-sized plastic sled is a handy addition for transporting all of the day’s gear to your fishing spot. Don't forget an ice scoop, slotted serving spoon, or other tool for keeping your fishing holes clear of ice.