Rendezvous Wildlife Area | Methow Valley


Rendezvous Wildlife Area

Methow Valley, WA

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The Rendezvous Unit offers diverse recreation opportunities. Unmaintained trails and old roads lead to Lewis Butte, Riser Lake, and Little Cub Creek areas.


South-facing slopes are primarily sagebrush, bitterbrush and bunch grasses. North slopes are timbered with Douglas-fir and Ponderosa pine. Cub Creek, Little Cub Creek, and the Riser Lake have aspen and shrub dominated riparian areas, important for mule deer fawning plus nesting habitat for cavity nesters and migratory songbirds.

Map Courtesy of WDFW


The Similkameen-Chopaka Area offers opportunities to view a variety of wildlife, including black bear, cougar, white-tailed deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, chukar partridges, mourning doves, Canada geese, ruffed grouses, gray partridges, ring-necked pheasants, California quail, and trumpeter swans.


The Rendezvous Unit offers opportunities to view a variety of wildlife, including mule deer, cavity-nesting birds, and migratory songbirds. On this unit, hunters may find opportunities to harvest black bear, cougar, deer, waterfowl, Eurasian collared dove, forest grouse, gray (Hungarian) partridge, moose, mourning dove, quail, small game, and turkey.


The Rendezvous Unit is located north of Winthrop, between the Chewuch and Methow rivers, in Okanogan County. The unit can be accessed from Gunn Ranch Road, off of Rendezvous Road. This unit is part of the Methow Wildlife Area. 


Public parking is available, however, a Discover Pass is required on WDFW lands — including water-access sites, wildlife areas, and campgrounds — unless you already have a Vehicle Access Pass issued with the purchase of an eligible hunting or fishing license. Overnight parking and camping in parking area prohibited.

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