Similkameen-Chopaka Wildlife Area | Oroville & Loomis, WA


Similkameen-Chopaka Wildlife Area

Similkameen River Valley | Oroville & Loomis, WA.

Photo by Justin Haug


The Similkameen-Chopaka Wildlife Area is situated at the bottom of the Similkameen River Valley. It offers a variety of fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing.


This remarkable 1,103-acre natural area includes steep mountain ranges, agricultural land, deciduous shrubs, riparian strips of cottonwood/aspen/alder, rivers and ponds. 

Photo Courtesy of WDFW


The Similkameen-Chopaka Area offers opportunities to view a variety of wildlife, including black bear, cougar, white-tailed deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, chukar partridges, mourning doves, Canada geese, ruffed grouses, gray partridges, ring-necked pheasants, California quail, and trumpeter swans.


The Similkameen-Chopaka Wildlife Area is located 18 miles west of Oroville along the Chopaka Road. 

A Discover Pass is required.


The steep mountain range to the west offers spectacular scenery. Overlook the valley floor filled with agricultural land and grazing. 


The Similkameen River Trail is one of the most beautiful and popular trails in the area. It has a gentle low angle for all abilities and is easy to follow. Keep an eye out for rattlesnakes from April to October, and also note that the Spur Trail is currently closed to travel.

Cold Spring Chopaka Mountain Trail gains 1500' to a whopping 6000' elevation with breathtaking vistas. Find many smaller linking trails to different views of the surrounding countryside.

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