Spring Flowers

Spring Wild Flowers! 

Okanogan Country is a fantastic spot for flower fans, especially in spring and summer. Take a walk through a local trail and enjoy nature's colorful artwork. You'll find trails winding through fields and woods filled with lupines, balsamroot, arrowleaf, and more. The views of valleys and mountains are breathtaking. With Okanogan National Forest and nearby Methow Valley offering plenty of flower spots, exploring here during bloom season is a mesmerizing experience.

Here are some recommended places to see Spring Wildflowers:

Sinlahekin Trail: This valley, spanning 14,000 acres, is a winter sanctuary for mule deer. Located near Loomis, it's a great place to see local plants and birds, especially along Sinlahekin Creek.

Northrup Canyon: Found in Steamboat Rock State Park, this trail offers different lengths, from 3 to 8 miles. It's known for its many Bald Eagles, with over 200 nesting along the way.

Whistler Canyon Trailhead:  The diverse trail system accommodates various recreational activities, with hikes ranging from 3 to 24 miles, offering stunning views of the Okanogan Valley and the Cascades. There is an abundance of other wildlife to encounter here, including turkey, hawk, eagle, vulture, sheep, coyote, deer, bear and cougar. 

Pipestone Canyon: A number of variations make this a great early season choice for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding with the main attractions being abundant views, wildflowers, and snow-free ambling.

Many people love to hike among wildflowers in Washington. Each year, more and more people come to see the beautiful flowers and landscapes. To keep these places nice for everyone, please remember:

  1. Stay on the marked trail to avoid stepping on the flowers.
  2. Don't pick the flowers or take any plants or animals.
  3. Take your trash with you when you leave.
  4. If you bring your dog on a trail where they're allowed, keep them on a leash.

Note that some of these places will require a Discover Pass. Washington State Parks, along with the Washington Departments of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) and Natural Resources (DNR), have designated "free days" when you don't need a Discover Pass to access these areas. Here are the 2023 Free Days:

April 22 — Earth Day

June 10 — National Get Outdoors Day

June 11 — Free Fishing Day

June 19 — Juneteenth

Sept. 23 — National Public Lands Day

Oct. 10 — World Mental Health Day

Nov. 11 — Veterans Day

Nov. 25 — Autumn Day

For more information on whether you need a Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass for specific locations, click here.

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