Spring Horseback Riding

Spring HorseBack Riding

Spring is here! After the cold Winter, we're all excited! Okanogan Country has lots of fun stuff to do in Spring. 

It might still be too chilly for swimming, but it's perfect for hiking and soaking up the sunshine. And you know what's great for diving into Spring? Horseback riding! There are plenty of places in Okanogan Country where you can hop on a horse and have a blast.

One cool spot is Eden Valley Guest Ranch. It's tucked away in the northeastern corner of Washington State. They have cozy cabins for rent, perfect for family vacations, reunions, or even romantic getaways. And guess what? You can bring your own horses or use theirs! They've got miles of trails just waiting for you to explore.

Another place to check out is Sun Mountain Lodge. It's in the stunning Cascade Mountains. Here, you can go on guided horseback rides through forests and fields of flowers. It's a magical way to experience nature's beauty.

Just remember, if you want to ride at Sun Mountain Lodge, you need to book ahead of time. Kids need to be at least eight years old to join in, and if they're under ten, they'll need an adult with them. Also, there are some rules about weight limits and fees, so make sure you're all set before you go.

So, if you're looking for some springtime fun, why not try horseback riding? It's a great way to welcome the warmer weather and enjoy the great outdoors!