Spring Wildflowers

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Spring Wildflowers

Best Places to Go Hiking in Eastern Washington Credit: Jason Wettsein | WDFW


Okanogan, Washington is a paradise for wildflower enthusiasts with its stunning landscapes dotted with colorful blooms during the spring and summer months. Embark on a wildflower hike around Okanogan and immerse yourself in nature's vibrant canvas. Discover picturesque trails that wind through meadows and forests adorned with a breathtaking array of wildflowers, including lupines, balsamroot, arrowleaf, and more. Feast your eyes on nature's masterpiece as you traverse trails that offer panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. With the Okanogan National Forest and nearby Methow Valley boasting numerous wildflower hotspots, hiking through this region during wildflower season is a captivating experience that will leave you awe-inspired by the sheer beauty of nature's floral abundance.

Wildflower areas include (weather dependant):

Twisp River Road: This scenic road that winds along the Twisp River is known for its abundant wildflowers, particularly in the spring and early summer. Drive or hike along the road and witness the colorful carpet of wildflowers that adorn the meadows and hillsides, creating a picturesque scene.

Sinlahekin TrailThe Sinlahekin Valley is a 14,000 acre WDFW is maintained to provide winter grounds for mule deer for the eastern Cascades and other nearby areas. Located just outside of Loomis, the preserve straddles the Sinlahekin Creek and Coulee Creek watersheds. Sinlahekin Creek is a beautiful place to explore and see local plants and birds.

Northrup CanyonLocated in Steamboat Rock State Park, Northrup Canyon is a 6.1-mile round trip trail with 3, 6, and 8-mile variations. The trail is known for its abundant Bald Eagles, with over 200 roosting in trees along the way.

parking pass

Keep in mind places may require Discover or Vehicle Access Pass, click here for more info

Washington State Parks and the Washington Departments of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) and Natural Resources (DNR) offer several "free days" when a Discover Pass is not required to visit these lands. Following are the 2023 Free Days:

April 22  — Earth Day

June 10 — National Get Outdoors Day

June 11 — Free Fishing Day

June 19 — Juneteenth

Sept. 23 — National Public Lands Day

Oct. 10 — World Mental Health Day

Nov. 11 — Veterans Day

Nov. 25 — Autumn Day

Photos by: Justin Haug | WDFW

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