Serenity on Cross-Country Skis | Sno-Parks in Okanogan Country!

Sno-Parks in the Okanogan

Cross-Country Ski across the County!

Explore the backcountry, travel the groomed trails, and get to know Okanogan Country from your cross-country skis!

With a few Nordic Sno-Parks to choose from you'll never tire of exploring the spectacular countryside. And then once you've had your fill for the day ~ discover delicious food and find wonderful overnight lodging in our surrounding towns!

Don't Own A Set of Skis?

Find a set near you! There are a few great places to choose from in our local area... And they're happy to help you get out in the snow!

Highlands Nordic Sno-Park

"You have found winter's hidden gem tucked into the Okanogan Highlands, with 36 plus kilometers of trails beautifully groomed for classic and skate skiing. Come meander through open meadows, cross creeks, climb steep wooded hills, and descend back to where you started. Catch your breath with views of Mt. Bonaparte, Baldy Mountain, and the Cascades shouldering into Canada. Build a warming fire in the ski shelter and enjoy a picnic lunch while you watch your children glide as easily as they walk. Ski in the sunlight of a short cold day when the frost crystals are shooting up tinsels of mirrored light. Ski in the moonlight of a long cold night when the snow shadows are longer than the trees are tall. At any time and in any weather, we invite you to come ski!"

Are you in the Highlands, often? Join the club!

A group of folks who are committed to facilitate cross country skiing in the beautiful Okanogan Highlands. We help support the grooming and the care of the trails!

South Summit Sno-Park:

This forested sno-park gives access to groomed snowmobile routes on the south summit of Loup Loup Pass and to groomed cross-country ski routes. 28 miles beautifully groomed trails!

South Fork Gold Creek Sno-Park:

South Fork Gold Creek Sno-Park features groomed trails for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. It sits 15 miles north of Pateros on Highway 153, then one mile west on County Road No. 1029, two miles south on Forest Road 4330.

Buy a Permit

To park in a non-motorized sports Sno-Park, it is necessary to purchase one (and sometimes two) type(s) of parking permits for your vehicle: a one-day permit or seasonal permit and possibly a special groomed trails permit. All vehicles must have a Washington State Sno-Park permit.

wintering wildlife

As you get out this winter to enjoy the great outdoors, be mindful that these areas are home to many wildlife species that over-winter here. Make a note of designated mule deer winter ranges and minimize disturbances to all the many creatures (big & small) that call these places home. Thanks for doing your part to help keep our wildlife safe & secure! If you missed our Wintering Wildlife e-newsletter - Check out our blog!

Photo Credit: Justin Haug/WDFW

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